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Matacosmos Roadmap


Road Map

Actual completion dates may vary from initial projections and are offered as indicative guidelines only. These do not represent a promise or guarantee

Phase 1

Ideology of Project Created & It’s Implementation started.

Phase 2

Token Creation & Deployment completed.

Phase 3

Website Background-work started

Phase 4

Before Launching MetaCos will be Listed on World's Biggest Price Tracking Website Named CoinMarketCap.

Phase 5

Influencer Marketing, Press-Release & Social Media Marketing will be done.

Phase 6

Presale will be Started on Project's own Website.

Phase 7

Holders Passive Income Expansion Programs will be Launched like Staking & Yield Farming.

Phase 8

Token will be Listed on Well-known Decentralised Exchanges.

Phase 9

Token will be Listed on prominent Centralised Exchanges.

Phase 10

Token Utilisation Expansion - Creation of Multiple ways to use Token.

Phase 11

Contract will be Audited by Famed Company Named Certik.

Phase 12

Own Decentralised Exchange - De-Fi Protocol will be Launched.

Phase 13

The usecase of Metacos will be expended in the gaming world by laughing our own digital games.

Phase 14

Our Own BlockChain Development will be Started.

Phase 15

Own Mobile Application will be Launched along with NFT Market-Place.

Phase 16

Our Own Centralised Exchange will be Launched.