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METACOSMOS VALT is a fully immersive shopping, retail and entertainment experience that uses virtual reality and combines gaming elements to form its own standalone virtual world.

The METACOSMOS VALT is a fully immersive shopping and entertainment experience compatible with virtual reality. Combining gaming elements, METACOSMOS VALT forms its own metaverse experience and yet is fully interoperable. It brings together the best in the class of crypto through NFTs and real-world applications of eCommerce, gaming, and entertainment. By leveraging NFTs for SHOP ownership and other in-game assets, the METACOSMOS VALT creates unique opportunities for people to earn, interact and create. All ventures within the METACOSMOS Ecosystem, as well as current and upcoming entities that we form partnerships with, will interact within the METACOSMOS VALT


Mission & Vision

The purpose of the METACOSMOS VALT metaverse is to provide a digitally connected platform, where the playing field is level for both premium brands and emerging businesses. It acts as an all-weather retail and entertainment platform, combining the sale of virtual goods, NFTs, digital collectibles, wearables and physical goods that can be delivered to the customers.

Recent global events expedited the need for the METACOSMOS VALT vision, as the world became more digitally connected yet more physically disconnected. METACOSMOS projects that e-commerce streaming is clearly the next big industry wave that will impact the South Asian region, a hotbed of online shopping activity and an ideal test environment for emerging technologies. By combining a space theme with gaming elements, retail, e-commerce, digital experiences, and VR, METACOSMOS VALT offers the perfect mix of assets and features that will highlight all the METACOSMOS Ecosystem ventures.

The METACOS token, initially created as the main token of the METACOSMOS Ecosystem and its ventures, is becoming the main digital asset for METACOSMOS VALT. It has been used as the mode of exchange for assets that have already been offered in the METACOSMOS VALT metaverse, such as SHOPs within the virtual space’s first publicly available quarter called METAnova. Moving forward, more utility for the METACOS token will be introduced within the METACOSMOS VALT



Virtual space

METACOSMOS VALT is a fully immersive shopping, retail and entertainment experience that uses virtual reality and combines gaming elements to form its own standalone virtual world. It brings together the best in class of crypto through NFTs and real-world applications of ecommerce, gaming, and entertainment. METACOSMOS VALT will incorporate VR and AR technology, as well as future AI technology, in addition to offering digital items, including those issued through blockchain smart contracts and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In its first iteration, the METACOSMOS VALT will be a purely online platform offering digital assets worldwide. As e-commerce evolves further into the virtual space, we will launch localized virtual spaces in South Asian countries, where both digital and physical purchases can be made via METACOSMOS VALT.



In the early stages of METACOSMOS VALT’s formation, the ventures within the METACOSMOS Ecosystem have their sights set toward showcasing their core competencies within the metaverse.

For instance, METACOSMOS GAMES has already committed to exhibit its KOGs and other assets from current and upcoming games on the METACOSMOS VALT, which will incorporate gaming elements to its overall experience. METACOSMOSs’ NFT platform will also serve as an avenue for current and upcoming partners to offer their NFTs and curate user experiences for their prospective buyers.

As the METACOSMOS VALT will also feature entertainment, especially with quarters dedicated to gaming, music, and art, METACOSMOS MEDIA will find synergies with the metaverse in the way it exhibits upcoming content, as well as the opportunities it will offer to marketers who want to be the first brands in the metaverse.


The METACOS token grants rewards to its holders based on the transactional volumes that are generated within METACOSMOS VALT. It was created in May 2021 through a yield farm on Binance Smart Chain, with trading destined for BSC's market-leading automated market maker PancakeSwap. METACOS was a fair launch and token holders are eligible for rewards based on transactions, including plot auctions, asset sales, rent, advertising revenue, etc., determined by their overall holdings. During the launch of METACOS, METACOSMOS Labs provided the initial liquidity to a farming pool created for the purchase of METACOS tokens. Initially, people who wanted to obtain METACOS tokens were required to provide liquidity to the pool—thereby earning LP tokens—by purchasing METACOS and locking it against an equal value of METACOS tokens on the Binance Smart Chain.


BLOCKCHAIN INTEGRATIONS For the first public version of the METACOSMOS VALT, both Ethereum and WAX transactional tokens and NFTs will be supported. Our goal is to open the METACOSMOS VALT to as many other blockchains as possible to allow a truly open and multi-chain metaverse. The team will provide updates as we introduce new blockchain protocols through our social media channels.


Security is a major concern to us at METACOSMOS. By deploying our systems in cloud hyper scalers and using multi-layered and redundant infrastructure to provide content at scale, we aim to maintain our end user's security and privacy, as well as keep the service up and running 24/7. Our code is audited and reviewed by an independent security consulting company to ensure best practices are followed and no security vulnerabilities are present.


We are actively looking to create bridges in collaboration with other metaverse projects to allow for teleportation between different parts of the metaverse.