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METACOSMOS is building the digitally inclusive future of work through empowering people around the world to advance to new digital frontiers. The company is focused on unlocking the true market value of the global digital economy for high-demand consumer services such as e-commerce, e-media, finance and e-sports/gaming. In the process of building its various ventures, such as METACOSMOS GAMES, METACOSMOS MEDIA, METACOSMOS FINANCE, METACOSMOS NFTs (end-to-end platform and marketplace) and an upcoming e-commerce solution, METACOSMOS has zeroed in on a core product that takes advantage of a new digital frontier: the metaverse.



This venture was founded with the vision of creating an ecosystem of interoperable tournament based games that utilize emerging technologies. It focuses on the play-to-earn (P2E) business model for the mobile gaming space. METACOSMOS GAMES will launch games, which are collectible, playable, and tradable non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a free-to-play, play-to-earn blockchain game model.

METACOSMOS GAMES is an METACOSMOS venture that focuses on the play-to-earn business model for the mobile gaming space. METACOSMOS GAMES was founded with the vision of creating an ecosystem of interoperable tournament-based games that utilize emerging technologies.

METACOSMOS GAMES’ long-term goal is to create a massive ecosystem based on value and unique experiences. The division believes that it will eventually create an ecosystem of value for all users and offer a place for people and communities to come together and make new friends. This vision of a gaming community powered by blockchain and other emerging technologies ties it well with the metaverse vision of METACOSMOS VALT



METACOSMOS MEDIA is an METACOSMOS venture centered on products that allow our users to create, earn, and contribute using cutting edge technologies. The venture seeks to create the ultimate media, social, and content-driven platform that celebrities, brands, and consumers. One crucial part of the METACOSMOS media division is METACOSMOS TV, a platform that will provide a more worthwhile and immersive viewing experience, by rewarding its users for their time and allows them to learn, share, and create moments they can monetize.



NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” and it can technically contain anything digital, including drawings, animated GIFs, songs, or items in video games. Non-fungible means it is individual. Recognizing the power of NFTs as a major innovation in digital ownership, METACOSMOS NFTs developed a white-label solution as a means for the launch of compelling NFT assets in the market. The METACOSMOS NFT platform acts as a SHOP for NFTs offering launching of contracts on multiple chains, website creation, marketplace creation and auto-listing on major liquidity exchanges.

METACOSMOS also made its mark by creating a truly blockchainagnostic, white label, end-to-end NFT solution. With this offering, METACOSMOS empowers brands and retailers to mint, create, and market their own NFT collections on the blockchain of their choice, on their very own customizable site.


As a startup venture builder that is agile and free to iterate early versions of its share of the metaverse, METACOSMOS is looking to launch the METACOSMOS VALT metaverse in the coming months. Founded on the principles of digital inclusion and a history of helping to develop South Asia as a major technology hub, METACOSMOS is positioning METACOSMOS VALT as an early working example of what a metaverse can achieve, while using its expertise in venture building to create more ventures and opportunities for people and companies to join the metaverse.

Keeping in mind the integration of its various ventures under the METACOSMOS Ecosystem, which is the network of solutions that use the METACOS token as a utility token for all transactions, the METACOSMOS VALT aims to give space for people to virtually interact with digital assets and activities, while being open to as many major platforms as possible. Prioritizing digital inclusion at a low entry point, METACOSMOS VALT opens people to experience in broad avenues, from VR headsets on the high-end to even basic smartphones on the low-end. In addition, METACOSMOSs’ different ventures will also play a part in growing the METACOSMOS VALT, from interactive games powered by METACOSMOS Games and crypto-financial services provided by METACOSMOS Finance, to multimedia experiences created by METACOSMOS Media and upcoming e-commerce opportunities.

The METACOSMOS VALT will be experienced not only in VR but also on computers and mobile devices. With how fast technology evolves for smartphones and wearables and how widespread Internet access with faster speeds has become, METACOSMOS forecasts that the innovative technology required for the metaverse will become increasingly accessible, reducing the barrier to entry for the metaverse of the 15 future. Being able to access the METACOSMOS Ecosystem both inside and outside of the METACOSMOS VALT will mean everyone with internet access will be able to access all parts of the METACOSMOS Ecosystem.


For a nebulous concept, the metaverse has already attracted much analysis and projection-building, which is a testament to the major potential that companies around the world place on this concept. For instance, Strategy Analytics stated in its recent research report that the global metaverse market is expected to grow 6x from $46 billion in 2020 to $280 billion in 2025.

Nevertheless, this early into the formation of the metaverse, there have been two conflicting schools of thought on how this space will unfold in the coming years. Several analysts, like long-time metaverse observer Matthew Ball, have pointed out to the possibility of a metaverse where entities and spaces are openly interconnected and facilitate creation beyond the bounds of traditional platform-related limits imposed in the current Internet space. These analysts envision an open usergenerated creative space like Fortnite, which is currently accessible across all major entertainment platforms (iOS, Android, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, Xbox) and accepts multiple account systems, payment platforms, and more, while integrating with other typically closed ecosystems such as oftenconflicting intellectual properties.

Other observers point to the metaverse vision of Facebook as a model for the creation of the metaverse, as separate, walled virtual/real spaces that still require the presence of central authorities. In the case of Facebook, its “embodied internet” vision will revolve around its properties, like its namesake social media platform, as well as Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp. Users will go through this space using Oculus headsets and will need Facebook accounts to access a third-party virtual reality app. In effect, the Facebook metaverse will just be an extension of its data-and-ads 14 operation, with proprietary control and exclusive experiences. METACOSMOS joins several metaverse observers in stating that this Facebook-centric version of the metaverse, if it comes to fruition, is antithetical to the open-world, cross-platform ideal of the space.

In declaring its intentions to create a virtual space in the metaverse through METACOSMOS VALT, METACOSMOS envisions a future where our virtual selves are free to create, interact, experience, play, and act in the metaverse that is open to explore regardless of which entity creates a certain corner of the space.




Recent global events expedited the need for the METACOSMOS VALT vision

Recent global events expedited the need for the METACOSMOS VALT vision, as the world became more digitally connected yet more physically disconnected. METACOSMOS projects that e-commerce streaming is clearly the next big industry wave that will impact the South Asian region, a hotbed of online shopping activity and an ideal test environment for emerging technologies. By combining a space theme with gaming elements, retail, e-commerce, digital experiences, and VR, METACOSMOS VALT offers the perfect mix of assets and features that will highlight all the METACOSMOS Ecosystem ventures.

The purpose of the METACOSMOS VALT metaverse is to provide a digitally connected platform, where the playing field is level for both premium brands and emerging businesses. It acts as an all-weather retail and entertainment platform, combining the sale of virtual goods, NFTs, digital collectibles, wearables and physical goods that can be delivered to the customers.

METACOSMOS VALT is a fully immersive shopping, retail and entertainment experience that uses virtual reality and combines gaming elements to form its own standalone virtual world. It brings together the best in class of crypto through NFTs and real-world applications of ecommerce, gaming, and entertainment.

METACOSMOS VALT will incorporate VR and AR technology, as well as future AI technology, in addition to offering digital items, including those issued through blockchain smart contracts and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In its first iteration, the METACOSMOS VALT will be a purely online platform offering digital assets worldwide. As e-commerce evolves further into the virtual space, we will launch localized virtual spaces in South Asian countries, where both digital and physical purchases can be made via METACOSMOS VALT.



It is a crypto-financial launchpad for METACOSMOS VALT, the fully immersive discovery shopping and retail experience for the metaverse. You can earn METACOS tokens through yield farming, then stake those assets in liquidity pools, to maximize the benefit that you get from the tokens used in the METACOSMOS VALT..


For its first five years, the METACOSMOS team will focused on creating an advanced ecosystem of Internet ventures that address different segments of the digital economy, keeping in mind the fastgrowing yet underserved South Asian region. the company developed ventures addressing high demand consumer services such as ecommerce, e-media, and e-sports/gaming. Here is a summary of those ventures, which click together with each other to form the METACOSMOS Ecosystem and the metaverse.


The e-commerce streaming app will be released and launch of METACOSMOS TV and streaming. However, this is the biggest standalone venture and will still require a significant amount of work for us to realize its full potential.

In the process of building its various ventures, METACOSMOS will have core products that will be created in a new digital frontier: the metaverse. METACOSMOS envisions a future where the Internet will evolve into an immersive experience that combines virtual and actual spaces into an interconnected, decentralized environment. All the ventures that METACOSMOS has worked on and will eventually deploy, are created with the vision that they will take part in the formation of a virtual space we call the METACOSMOS VALT.