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The METACOS token currently powers the entire METACOSMOS Ecosystem, acting as a form of payment and utility. It is used for trading fees, the development of liquidity pools, NFT creation, transactions, and other activities that power digital economies that the METACOSMOS Ecosystem operates in.

As METACOSMOS transitions its focus into the metaverse, the METACOS token will play a central role as a utility token in the METACOSMOS VALT, as well as the main currency for our ventures.

METACOSMOS VALT and the rest of the METACOSMOS Ecosystem will introduce a single log-in system known as METACOSMOS ID, additional payment provider integrations, and additional wallet integrations, which will mean that METACOSMOS can be used for more payment settlements across more chains.


Token Introduction

MetaCos is the world's best cryptocurrency that provides Decentralized Finance, Staking, Media, NFTs, Games, and virtual reality experiences services to users in MetaCosmos VALT.Fest platform that promotes global financial wellbeing by empowering the youth to be in control of their money and create their wealth opportunities.METACOSMOS provides an infrastructure to support a virtual world, also known as METACOSMOS VALT.

METACOSMOS VALT is MetaCosmos’ metaverse, built for both VR, PC, and mobile applications. The METACOSMOS VALT acts as the platform that connects all the METACOSMOS Ecosystem ventures and acts as a showcase for the products and services that they offer across the ecosystem. Despite each METACOSMOS venture being self-sufficient and stand-alone, the shared resources and user base of the METACOSMOS VALT helps the ecosystem escape from a perpetual raise model for new and existing ventures.

METACOSMOS VALT was developed part from necessity and part from data. It was clear to METACOSMOS in 2021 that metaverses would be a key long-term play, and it was equally clear that wellfunded, larger, less agile players would enter the sector once they realize the space’s immense potential. Therefore, METACOSMOS is moving into the metaverse quickly and decisively, with a unique selling proposition that would help differentiate the METACOSMOS VALT from other upcoming interpretations of the metaverse


Mission & Vision

MetaCos has been developed with the vision of the Creation of such an environment and ecosystem where blockchain, cryptocurrency, decentralization, and virtual world experience will be available and known to every person and in each part of the world. MetaCos will provide opportunities for wealth creation and continue developing it into a platform that will change people's lives forever.

The purpose of the METACOSMOS VALT metaverse is to provide a digitally connected platform, where the playing field is level for both premium brands and emerging businesses. It acts as an all-weather retail and entertainment platform, combining the sale of virtual goods, NFTs, digital collectibles, wearables and physical goods that can be delivered to the customers.

Services and features

METACOSMOS provides a Decentralised, Transparent, Trusted, Secure, virtualized ecosystem to the user so join us to use these services that we offer, we have the potential to change the existing cryptocurrency world. The creation of the METACOSMOS VALT will fuel the projected increase in revenues for the METACOSMOS company. As an immersive metaverse platform, METACOSMOS VALT will generate revenues from transaction fees, virtual land sales, advertisements, SHOP rentals, event fees, and other incomegenerating activities. In addition, the company is anticipating the expansion of its metaverse and ecosystem into the three largest populations in South Asia.

Metacos distribution



Blockchain & Metaverse

Several digital innovations have been at the forefront of mainstream consciousness. This is the year when cryptocurrencies finally crossed from innovation stage to early adoption, as more institutions, companies, and even governments acknowledge the power that Bitcoin has in revolutionizing our financial system. Other blockchain-based solutions, like decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), also rose in popularity, shifting the paradigm in value appreciation and perception, as more people become comfortable with realizing gains in the virtual space beyond the traditional platforms of wealth generation and art creation. As it currently stands, METACOSMOS operates under this blockchain-centric paradigm, with token systems, DeFi products, and NFT platforms already produced during its existence as a venture builder.


Blockchain VENTURES

While blockchain technology has been pointed out in several publications as a central player in the emergence of the next innovations in the evolution of the internet, another concept has emerged as an entirely new way to reimagine this evolution: the metaverse.

As discussed above, the metaverse is the envisioned future of information sharing, which under the current Internet paradigm is centered on the transmission of data from one party to another on an as-needed basis, using centralized authorities as intermediaries, such as telecom companies, Internet companies, data centers, and other major entities that process and transmit information on people’s behalf.

As we move to the metaverse, major Internet players will have roles in its formation, but it is more likely that it will be built in a more decentralized manner, just like how blockchain has allowed the creation of cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, and other forms of decentralized systems. This opens a whole new field for METACOSMOS Labs to take an early stake in, particularly by the creation of the METACOSMOS VALT.



PLAYERS From world-building games that opened the virtual world to endless possibilities

1. Facebook, the world’s largest social network and home to market-leading chat apps, has announced its intention to transform from being a social media company to being a metaverse company. Facebook owns VR headset maker Oculus, which will be at the forefront of the virtual space the Internet giant is building.

2. Fortnite, the popular Battle Royale game turned virtual interaction space, has been open in branding itself as more than a game. Tim Sweeney, CEO of Fortnite maker Epic Games, has been vocal in pushing for Fortnite’s transformation into the metaverse, and the game itself has shown several elements worthy of a metaverse, like user-generated content within the platform, relative freedom in interactions, and more.

3. Roblox, the world-building game that recently exploded in popularity amid the COVID-19 pandemic and is played by half of people under age 16 in the U.S., recently unveiled its vision for the metaverse, which is “to create a platform for immersive coexperiences, where people can come together within millions of 3D experiences to learn, work, play, create, and socialize.”

4. Tencent, currently considered the biggest gaming company in the world due to its investments in Sumo Group, Epic Games, Bluehole, and Ubisoft, as well as ownership of popular games League of Legends and Call of Duty, also owns WeChat, the Chinese super-app that leads digital transactions in that country. Analysts say the conglomerate is well-positioned to jumpstart the creation of the metaverse across its portfolio

5. Disney, the world’s largest media company, is working on a theme park metaverse, which will converge the physical world of its attractions with the digital world, using wearables, 13 smartphones, and digital access points, as well as augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI)

Companies Unformed Metaverse

These are just five of the biggest names taking their spots in a yet unformed metaverse. Currently, there are more than 90 companies identified as building solutions for the metaverse, with dozens more yet to be uncovered. At METACOSMOS, we view the current metaverse industry as a wide-open space where there’s still time for early adopters to make a mark and grow their positions in anticipation of future growth.