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This Whitepaper does not describe an offer of securities. This material is provided by METACOSMOS for informational purposes only and is not an offer or a solicitation to buy or sell securities or engage in financial services.


No Investment Advice

The products described are not offered for investment purposes. The information contained in this Whitepaper should not be taken as financial product advice and has been prepared as general information only

To the extent permitted by the applicable international Laws, regulations and, rules and those of the participant’s country of residence, METACOSMOS shall not be liable for any losses that are indirect or otherwise, that may be in connection to the reliance of this Document. Please consult your legal, financial, or business professional for advice prior to participating in the METACOSMOS Ecosystem.

Prior to the participation in the METACOSMOS Ecosystem you should carefully address the general risks involved with blockchain technology.


Past Performance

Past performance of METACOSMOS should not be relied upon as indicative of future performance.


Updated Information

Information relating to this Whitepaper may need to be updated from time to time. Any updated information about the offer not materially adverse to the product offering will be made available on website. METACOSMOS may issue a supplementary Whitepaper. to supplement any information not disclosed in this Whitepaper.


This Whitepaper starts with the end in mind, and we provide a series of statements and projections on how we believe we are best suited to get there, based on the current market and technological considerations. When thinking long term, many factors are subject to change or will no longer be relevant due to shifting factors beyond our control. Our primary focus is the success and longevity of the business and its entities and as such we take all reasonable steps to pivot, comply and adjust to ensure we meet our longer-term objectives and deliver with the end-user in mind. This document highlights the most logical and likely path at this time and is subject to significant change and also a risk. We always recommend you seek individual advice relating to your situation and circumstances.