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METACOSMOS Ecosystem are also projected to generate revenues from their operations

METACOSMOS, the company behind the METACOS token, has proven its model for identifying and building scalable companies and now looks to take the next step towards becoming the most successful ecosystem builder in South Asia through a metaverse-centric system. The company is currently self-funded and profitable, with no capital investment and no short- or long-term debt, due to the success of its existing operations.

METACOSMOS provides a Decentralised, Transparent, Trusted, Secure, virtualized ecosystem to the user so join us to use these services that we offer, we have the potential to change the existing cryptocurrency world. The creation of the METACOSMOS VALT will fuel the projected increase in revenues for the METACOSMOS company. As an immersive metaverse platform, METACOSMOS VALT will generate revenues from transaction fees, virtual land sales, advertisements, SHOP rentals, event fees, and other incomegenerating activities. In addition, the company is anticipating the expansion of its metaverse and ecosystem into the three largest populations in South Asia.

The rest of the METACOSMOS Ecosystem are also projected to generate revenues from their operations, including earnings from METACOSMOS GAMES’ products as well as DeFi growth from METACOSMOS FINANCE, projected sales from METACOSMOS NFTs, METACOSMOS MEDIA operations, and other upcoming products and services.

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